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Welcome! I'm far from a daily blogger, so you'll hear from me only when there's an update. I seem to spend more time on Facebook - mainly on my personal page (there's still some room, I'm not notorious enough, yet) and my "Nance Crawford, Author" page. I also manage pages for DRAGON SOLSTICE and DREAMS & PORTENTS  and the "Pat Hogan, Actor" page, all of which top out my time - the reason there isn't a KING'S GAMES page. I keep up with Richard III on Ricardian Facebook pages and through the Society (UK and U.S) newsletters. Hope you're interested in the King in the Car Park, too! If you're not, there's lots more to talk about.

Oh, and if you haven't seen  the 1952 MGM release, THE PRISONER OF ZENDA, you've missed a fabulous adventure!

All the best -


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