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Denver's Coming Up!

Posted on September 13, 2016 at 4:50 AM

The Richard III Society American Branch is having its (as of this year) biennial General Membership Meeting in Denver the weekend of September 24-25 and I'm going to be there, finally getting to meet people I've "known" for years!

I'll also be available to sign books. To allow us to fill our carry-ons with fresh underwear and other civilized essentials, we can ship books ahead. This presents an interesting challenge for those of us who do not want to have to heave overboard undies, etc., in order to have room to schlep home books that have not been sold. Books are heavy, whether or not they contain intellectually challenging content. Besides, I am increasingly delicate for my age.

In this business, it's the number of books sold through Amazon, and the first 100+ reviews that count. Makes sense. I could buy 10,000 books and sell them all in a week out of the back of my car, and Amazon wouldn't twitch an abacus. In the same statistics rink, 125 lukewarm reviews, half of them negative, would generate more supportive Amazon interest than 30 honest 5-star reviews, not a negative among them. Statistically, only 1 in 75 - 100 readers takes time to write an Amazon review, a boggling truth for an independent writer with no public relations budget. Almost as impressive is a sudden, generous rise in the sales of a book; that, however, takes help from a paid professional.

Hopefully, attending Society members will take advantage of a temporary, but significant, one-week discount (through September 20), and order directly from Amazon - where the prices of both books and the Kindle version will guarantee a profit modest enough to keep me humble - and they will bring their copies with them to Denver, for signature. A signed book is a valuable book.

I have, therefore, decided to order no more than 3 copies of KING'S GAMES, A Memoir of Richard III, and 5 copies of The Commentaries shipped directly from Amazon to Denver. With more I cannot cope.

Tomorrow morning, I am going to pull out my new/gently used Windows 7 laptop and send out the first notice of an update to this newsletter (formerly "Blog") in - oh, over a year.

It seems this server was purchased by Google and the wonderfully inefficient (and cruel) decision was made to switch to Chrome, which would not accept mailings from my no longer supported, unjustly abandoned, XP desktop. The reason (other than the undramatic process of losing brain cells at the time - see the link to the Ricardian Author Interview on the Home page) my XP laptop was not letting me send out notice of blog dates from Leicester or anywhere else.

Well, the worm is working again (still on XP, our contemporary version of the IBM Selectric with exchangeable type-style balls) and turning - no , regaining - control of the mulch in the flower bed.

Now that I'm more fully awake, I owe half-a-dozen fellow authors Amazon reviews of books I have to re-read because of brain slippage. Then it's time to survey the market and figure out who actually pays reasonable remuneration for 2,500 word fiction. I'm also going to pitch Chapter 26 of Dragon Solstice, hoping it's not too late for a holiday issue. (That didn't occur to me in July - well, July was kind of hectic - the traditional month for holiday submissions.) I can but try.

Zenda is happening next.

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