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Lifetime: DEAR MOM, LOVE CHER - Tonight at 10 pm PDT!

Posted on May 6, 2013 at 5:45 PM

“Dear Mom, Love Cher,” airs in our area (Time Warner Cable channels 73 & 149 in the West San Fernando Valley) at 10 p.m. tonight on Lifetime and again in the wee hours of tomorrow at 2:02 p.m.   YOU CAN’T GO  HOME AGAIN is song #8 on the CD.


So, the best way this can happen is for people to buy YOU CAN’T GO  HOME AGAIN for 99 cents (then buy the complete CD), tell their friends to sample it on Amazon, and “Like” and “Share” my Facebook announcement with their friends, who will (hopefully) “Like” and “Share” and just all-around fall in love with it.


My prayer is that it becomes the “breakout” song of the album, even though it’s not the song that’s getting the push (Cher & Georgia’s duet is, which is natural, because Cher hasn’t released anything in ten years and she’s the one with the name). Not to mention they recorded it before they had tracked me down and the contracts were in place.


Kind of interesting that they went ahead and did the song before they tried to find me - it’s pretty obvious that’s what happened because the CD was released as an Mp3 on Amazon on April 30 - which is the date on the contracts.


I am so very grateful - just checked Amazon and of 14 reviews, 11 are 5 stars and 3 are 4 stars. From the lengthiest review, thus far, by Peter Fields: “. . .You Can't Go Home Again, Homecoming Queen and Cryin' Time are the stand-out message songs on this collection. Sad in their universal story telling and wonderfully written in heart breaking rhyme.”


And Patti’s personal review on Facebook is a blessed gift.



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