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Facebook Fugitive Strikes! Finally!

Posted on February 2, 2020 at 5:25 AM

I can’t believe I’m here. Only because I’m stubborn and I had an attack of guilt, realizing that so much needs updating.


We’re plugging along.


I have no excuses. Just the reality of seventy-nine-and-a-half years on the planet and finally coming to grips with the fact that age is what your body makes of it. Goulash.


I’ve played in Facebook, instead of coming here, because I was tired of the learning curve with this web site. FB is much easier than having to learn a whole new thing where the rules and norms keep changing. Time spent that doesn’t interest me, except for interest in my own self-interest. Boring.


It’s not easy to write when the eyesight can only take two hours in front of the screen, and then need to nap. Also, to be honest, I just couldn’t deal with having to update the Family and Friends page, here, because of John. Horribly hard to deal with.


Facebook makes me laugh – and cry – and, recently, both at the same time as the overwhelming powerlessness of ennui sends me to another nap.


As usual Christmas was Christmas, with a number of our favorite folks – and it was a brilliant and wonderful surprise to see Glenn and Caroline Morshower come through the door. They’re living in Dallas, now, and were in town because he had an appointment on Saturday – or was it Friday? Anyway we were up until four in the morning gabbing away. Glenn is teaching acting in Dallas (hometown, if you haven’t checked with imdb) and I have a sneaky feeling that David’s going to be stopping by to contribute a class in audio performing, when the tour hits town.


Yes, David’s leaving Thursday on a tour which I cannot say another thing about because he’s signed a non-disclosure agreement.


I guess I’ll have to check back later, when my lips are not tied.


Love you guys for your loyalty and hope you’ve kept up with my madness on Facebook, both the personal page and the Author page.


P.S. If you’ve read DRAGON SOLSTICE and haven’t left a review, please do. Most folks don’t realize it takes 125+ reviews for Amazon to start attaching a book to their “You might like this” bot, and every little word counts.


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