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Granna's Wild Adventure, Part III

Posted on March 26, 2015 at 12:15 PM

I wasn't able to let an announcement about the previous blog into the ether, but it appears to be straightened out, now.

Exciting stuff - and I've been so blown out by the end of the day that there was energy only for pithy comments on Facebook, so if you and I are not friends on Facebook, or if I've not appeared on your feed, or you haven't gone to my FB page and checked, you have no idea what's been going on, other than the babble on the previous blog entry (which you probably didn't know about because my server has been wonky and I couldn't get the  word to you - I know when you signed up I promised I wouldn't be at you every single day with minute updates, but didn't expect them to end up being so far apart).

Fact is, by the time I finished exchanging comments with my new Richardian friends in the last few days, I was in no shape to be writing intelligent reports. Not that I'm much better, now - but this is where the stubborn Scots grabs hold and insists I behave like a lady.

Richard III is being entombed as I write.

Windy, drizzling, vigorous winds were not in the game plan, this morning. Not mine, anyway. The hotel is within walking distance of  the Cathedral for normal people, but not for this bee's knees - the left one, at any rate. I've been cabbing it everywhere possible - but even then, the area around the cathedral is pedestrian space, which means walking. Done my share, thanks, until I can get back to Sts. Lara and Jane's home in London, where I'm told Jane knows a guy who can bash my back (and knee) into place. This will happen asap, before slouging off to Windsor for the day.

I've got lots of pictures, but my camera and I are barely on acquaintance terms, at the moment.

And I've got to run because I just found out from my new friend, Trish (who came down to knock on the door) that we're due at the Memorial Requiem performance earlier than we thought - have to be there before the Duke of Gloucester arrives (I wonder if he and the Duchess are as exhausted as we are).

Going to actually wear a long skirt. Hopefully, the new shoes fit. At least there won't be too much walking.

I hope.


I and four others saw the complete service on the telly in the hotel bar.

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1 Comment

Reply Pookie
3:33 PM on March 27, 2015 
Don't try to keep up, it's impossible! Anyway, we'll hear everything eventually, right? Glad you're having such an awesome trip! I watched the ceremony in the live feed... xo