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Richard the Timesucker

Posted on August 22, 2014 at 12:20 AM

This is also in the nature of response to Tracey, Pookie, Sue R and Karen, who sent loving greetings after reading the most recent blog post. I haven't had time to individually respond because what I'm doing with KING'S GAMES is far more challenging than I anticipated.

The first part of the book will be the text of the play.

I am now at work putting together the second part of the book, which will have essays, including the history of the development of both the plays (yes, there are two versions), the tale of how they came to be written, my initial fear of Shakespeare, in addition to more academic materials, hopefully more entertaining than your usual academia.

My usual 2 - 5 page daily rough output has slowed to 1 page, as I try to explain "Who Did What and When" in narrative, without falling into a muddle of historical side issues. What a chore! The only reason I'm managing to slog through is because I'm already including a yearly timeline that includes only the more important dates - and it's 20 pages, in draft! Goodness knows how many pages that will turn out to be, in the book.

The whole purpose is to present an accessible account of the background of the play, so that it won't be intimidating to the reader. I'm not a historian, but I figure I'd better share what I learned in forty years of living with the endeavor and, in that regard, it may actually turn out to be a textbook, of sorts (but keep that to yourselves - textbook is a really scary word, these days).

As to getting to London in March, that's in the Lord's hands. All I can contribute, at the moment, is putting one foot in front of the other, and a word at a time on a blank page.

Tomorrow (today, GMT) is the 529th anniversary of the Battle of Bosworth Field - and, in three days, the anniversary of the paltry burial of Richard III, after being exhibited for the edification of the populace of Leicester. Perhaps, since he has at last been found and will, next March, receive the formal obsequies he deserved, it can be said that he will truly Rest in Peace.

Loyalty Binds Me

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Reply sue huntebrinker
12:00 AM on August 23, 2014 
Nance you say your not a historian, but you sure could be. You have so much knowledge. I am so glad your putting it in words for all to read. Your amazing. I had no idea of everything that goes into writing a book. That is alot of work. But it will be so worth it when you are finished! Each word you put down is one step closer to the finish line. You got this!! I will keep praying for you. That you finish your book and it turns out the way you want it to and that you are able to make your trip in March! How exciting is that! God will provide and if it is meant to be, it will be. I myself have been thinking of going to England next year. Everytime I have been to Europe I've always wanted to take the Eurostar from Paris to England but I have never made it. One of these days I will!! I hope. LOL Well best of luck to you and go get er done!! Have a great day Nance!
Reply Tracey Bacus
8:58 PM on August 22, 2014 
I absolutely agree with Pookie. She said it way better than I ever could. I'm sure it will be great and "more entertaining than your usual academia". You know you tons of support and prayers going your way. Love you!
Reply Pookie
2:58 PM on August 22, 2014 
Amen. this man needs to rest in peace. I give you so much credit for digging through everything and even managing one page at a time while your mind probably wants to go off at the slight notice of a different fact that needs to be included and explore that until it's done. That's the creativity in you because you know people will read into it only what you actually put down and you don't want it to be mis-represented even a little bit.
This will work and be terrific! Keep on keeping on, girlfriend!