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6 Days to Go! A Video Shoot Report

Posted on November 11, 2012 at 7:20 PM

Couldn't figure out a place to shoot the new Indiegogo video - our little spinet piano is in a corner in front of a bookcase - very photogenic, if there were room for a photographer - and Paul Taylor's studio is apparently about the same - since it was Friday and we could only do it on Saturday, there would also be his young kids running around, so I called the other first person I could think of who has a lovely piano in a lovely lobby in his lovely theater: Jon Berry at the West Valley Playhouse (see the Links page).

Jon is generous and said okay - but they're building sets for the next show.  Okay, indeed!

It was an adventure - Patti on the ladder with the hand-held video camera trained on the corner with the grand piano in front of the carved American eagle (and the fire extinguisher on the wall to its immediate right) - Paul noodling around deciding what he was going to do for accompaniment, since there are no written arrangements, yet - me with the roll of blue painters tape, pinning my "Idiot Wallpaper" (four horizonal typed pages Scotch-tapped together with my five lines of "pitch" text printed in 48 pt. type so there was a hope of seeing it without my glasses) to the top of the ladder - and Chuck Hall cleaning up the rest of the vast room with his helper, taking a break from drilling and pounding at the Chinese restaurant they had been constructing on the stage.

So we did it once, for practice, and Patti showed me the results. There, on the tiny, fold-up video camera screen, was I, in far more plumb glory than I, at that very moment, expected to see. Even in black I looked like the piano's taller twin.

The next thing that caught my eye was - yep, that fire extinguisher - with a huge red-bordered arrow pointing down, vividly proclaiming, "Fire Extinguisher." The walls were off-white,  Paul was in black, the four foot wingspan of the wooden carved eagle on its pedestal behind him a deep golden oak; the piano was black; I was in black - and there, at the right edge of the screen behind Paul was the RED fire extinguisher and the RED words in the RED-bordered arrow pointing down. And the piano could not be moved.

No matter what else was in the shot, it would all become background to the RED slash at the right side of the screen.

My life is filled with blessings. Charles Hall is a set designer, a set builder, a set decorator. I maintained my cool, said, "Is there some way we can cover up the fire extinguisher?" and, in the blink of an eye, Chuck Hall produced a small box, and then a generously foliaged potted plastic plant. He set the plant on the box and - Voila! The eagle was suddenly flying out of a bush.

What fire extinguisher?

Well, we got it done - never mind how many times because it's humiliating not to remember all of the lyrics one wrote and hasn't sung in 20 years.

Patti's working on it and it should be up on YouTube and Indiegogo by Tuesday.

All I can say is, even in black, in front of a hidden fire extinguisher, on some days the voice is still there. Thank you, God.

See you Tuesday on the net!

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Reply Sue R.
7:30 AM on November 12, 2012 
Excited to see your results and...finally hear your own voice! Feeling you pain in that attempt to shield the "world " from beinging my own photo snapping! Looking forward to your results!!
Reply Tracey Bacus
10:45 PM on November 11, 2012 
Sounds like you had quite the time. This one brought smiles and laughter, enjoyed reading it. Can't wait to see the video.