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Placeholding with Hurricane Sandy

Posted on October 31, 2012 at 12:00 AM

I don't have time to do a complete report, right now, but want to keep my promise to post an update on Johnny, who was in New Jersey for an appearance, last weekend, and has been stuck there, 36 miles south of NYC, ever since. When I called him the first time, he said everything was okay, he was surrounded by friends (I do believe the phrase, "in the same boat," would pretty much apply here - except they were in a big, classy hotel) and he planned to go up to the roof during the storm to get pictures taken of him doing rope tricks in the storm. There was only one response to this colorful proposal: I told him to wait until they were in the center of the eye.

Called again this morning - a much briefer call because I had heard about the power outages, and, sure enough, they had been evacuated from the hotel and, apparently, shuffled around for a while - but they'd just found out they were being taken to the Meadowlands.

I actually know about the Meadowlands. They race horses there, don't they? (Of course, right about then, they might have had to get there in the same boat.)

So I told him he would be in his element - lots of horses around! (I did not suggest he grab one and, guitar strapped to his back, take off for anywhere else. That's a different movie.) He'd spoken to Bobby on Sunday, he was afraid his battery was running low, so I told him I'd call Bob and report in and we hung up.

At this moment, I haven't had a chance to see any recent reports. I know Johnny and my nephew Matt (Bob's middle kid, who is an attorney in Manhattan) are okay, which is such a blessing it has to be counted among the greater ones of this lifetime. So many others are in such awful distress. If there is such a thing as a lighter moment here, it may be the lady and her daughter who are stuck in their apartment on the 32nd Floor because they have to stay and mop up where the windows leak in water (or be liable for the damage) and the building is so buffeted by the winds that they have to take Dramamine so they won't get seasick.

I've got to fix the home page - put in the Indiegogo link - and I'm still exhausted from the marathon of putting it all together, so gotta go.

We all know someone who's back there in the middle of it. Prayers for us all.

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Reply Tracey Bacus
8:00 AM on October 31, 2012 
Thanks so much for the update. So glad to know Johnny, and your nephew are ok. Prayers for everyone.
Reply Sue R.
7:13 AM on October 31, 2012 
Thank you for a much more descriptive account...and thank you so much for the contact made on Sunday. I am relieved to hear he is safe and sound even if it was a bigger journey than he surely expected! I am certain this will be an adventure he will embelish on for a while! (Can't you just see him with that guitar on his back bolting out for higher ground ;) ) It is good so many prayers were going up for "his lucky self "! Also glad to hear that Bob's son Matt is safe too.

Keeping my fingers crossed on your Indiegogo venture!
All my best!
Reply Heather Fiske
2:38 AM on October 31, 2012 
Nance Crawford says...
You know how lucky you are! So, share where you saw him and what it was like with people buckling down for the storm - You obviously got home before it hit. Wow.

The early bits of wind were allready here in some way Sunday morning- it was alot Quieter at the convention both thanks to Sandy and that there just wasn't a mob of a crowd like there was on Saturday (wasn't there Saturday) - but me at the time was more concerned with my own mind trying to drive me crazy- which Johnny helped with that ALOT :) :) :) We left when Johnny started packing up his stuff at the table.... the winds really picked up earlier Monday afternoon and we got quite a few gusts that topped 100mph by Monday evening/night.. and I've lived in Jersey for 20 years and never even heard winds soo strong.. I was on FB Monday night and I saw all the pictures from Atlantic City area being posted by friends and stuff......just terrible. I used to go to college down there to....

Alot of people bailed out of the convention early just to get out of NJ before Sandy hit....
Reply Nance Crawford
2:07 AM on October 31, 2012 
You know how lucky you are! So, share where you saw him and what it was like with people buckling down for the storm - You obviously got home before it hit. Wow.
Reply Heather Fiske
12:50 AM on October 31, 2012 
I just saw him on Sunday and for a second there I thought that it was almost gonna be a bad news post or something- I was wondering when you'd hear from him though. Amazingly my neighborhood hasn't lost power the past 3 storms....but just driving around NJ right now is one big mess.....and that's just up north by us.