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Five Star Review and Confession Time

Posted on February 7, 2012 at 5:00 PM

DRAGON SOLSTICE has a Five-Star Review on Amazon – and someone is asking $87.73 for a used copy!

Happy Birthday, Charles Dickens. One of my heroes, whose prodigious creative output not only entertained but awakened the conscience of his Age and still movingly entangles us today.


A writer can only dream of such enduring accomplishment and, turning to my left and looking at my file cabinets, knowing the amount of work I have done and kept to myself from fear of rejection - and allowing circumstance to overwhelm my follow-through, I realize how much remains to be done and how little time I may have to complete it.


After much thought, I’ve decided  to let you know why I have not been blogging regularly since the New Year.


The perk of getting older is that, with a smile on one’s face, one can say anything, to almost anyone, in any situation, and, no matter the subject, the slam or the inanity, the majority of listeners just nod and grin to themselves and think, “Isn’t she a cute (or witty or loony) little old lady. . .”


The quid pro pro of getting older is the sudden shock that, no matter if one still feels nineteen (or twelve), the natural tide insists on catching up and, far too often, is made extremely unpleasant by the fact that, early in life, one made choices that eventually, abruptly take revenge in the form of nasty physical infirmity.


My recent reality has narrowed into dealing with the fact that, around the age of three or four (you’ve seen the cute little curly-headed blond with the luggage, heading to New York to visit relatives, on my Facebook page?), I swung myself backward too hard in a child-size rocking chair at Great-Aunt Elsie’s house on Long Island, fell backward, and got a nasty bump that apparently opened the door to later arthritis in my neck in the one area where my present choices have now become: 1) a rod in my neck which will mean turning my whole upper body if I want to turn my head, or 2) hanging myself daily (preferably twice) with a rig that stretches the back of the neck via a weight on a pulley that hangs from the door.


I won’t further abuse you with the trials of arthritic feet (no more Imelda Marcos wannabe – oh! and drat!) or the lower back (DO NOT attempt to move a spinet piano away from a wall to vacuum and dust, when it has been living on deep carpet, when you are 62 years old and you have long-neglected your tummy and thigh muscles).


That’s enough of that. I don’t want you to think I’m whining  - those are the plain facts. Physically, it now takes three times as long to do anything and basic keeping house eats up energy as well as an entire morning, or sometimes the day.


I also want to assure you that Prayer Works or I would not be contacting you at this moment. Without major indulgence in pain-relieving drugs, I am at last able to sit at the computer (extreme gratitude) and my brain seems to be capable of thinking of something other than zoning away to avoid pain – and I am humbly appreciative of the fact that I, at last, feel able to get back to work preparing DRAGON SOLSTICE for Nook (and other ebooks) publication.


All that said, I’m also able to contemplate the next steps for getting DRAGON SOLSTICE into the Public Eye. This will involve attracting the attention of an agent and/or a major publisher interested in creating a hardcover edition for the holidays.  


I am told I need a visible “platform” – basically, that means upping the Registered Members on this site, “Friends” and “Followers,” as well as Facebook “Likes” for both my personal and the DRAGON SOLSTICE pages, and Twittering to at least 34,000 (yes, that's thirty-four thousand) people in the shortest possible time. No joke. That’s the way it works, these days. Gotta stand out from the pack.


If  you have the time, whatever you can do to help reach these goals – sending a link to someone you know who likes fantasy, babbling at the water-cooler at work – oh, and buying the book on Amazon for yourself and/or as a gift, if you haven’t already - will be a great blessing.

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Reply Linda
9:10 AM on February 11, 2012 
Hi, Nance - So sorry to hear about the arthritis pain you've been having. You are right, paryer does help! You'll be in my prayers. Also, I will pass along your site, and encourage friends to join and like your pages on FB. It will happen!
Reply Nance Crawford
10:48 PM on February 9, 2012 
Groan, that's primarily this site and the Facebook DRAGON SOLSTICE page. Forwarding Tweets is a help, too. Thanks so much for asking!
Reply UglyBug
2:47 PM on February 8, 2012 
I'm sorry to hear about your painful January. You'll be in my prayers for a continued recovery. I will also do my best to spread the word about getting more friends and followers. Is that 34,000 for each site? It would be a little less daunting if that was a combined total!