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Nance Crawford

Books - Plays - Words & Music

Nance Crawford


Height: 5' 3"                                                                                                                                                         
Hair: White 
Eyes: Hazel

FILM (partial list)

The Horse Soldiers                                                                                     Mirisch/UA
The Light in the Forest                                                                                Disney
Teenage Rebel                                                                                             20th Century Fox

TELEVISION (partial list)

The Bob Cummings Show; Mr. Adams & Eve; Boy Scout Anniversary Special with Bob Hope; Tales of Wells Fargo, Divorce Court; TV's Bloopers & Practical Jokes


Inspecting Carol                                                                                   (Zorah)                                       West Valley Playhouse, Canoga Park, CA
Papa is All                                                                                              (Mama)                                      St. Martin's Drama Guild, Winnetka, CA
Perfect Wedding                                                                                   (Daphne)                                   West Valley Playhouse, Canoga Park, CA
(2002 Valley Theatre League Artistic Director Achievement Award: Ensemble Cast - Comedy)

Trapped in Sanity                                                                                 (Marge)                                       Whitmore-Lindley Theatre, NoHo, CA
The Sneeze                                                                                           (Murashkina)                             Woodland Hills Theatre, CA
Gigi                                                                                                         (Mamita)                                     Woodland Hills Theatre, CA
(1996 Valley Theatre League Artistic Director Achievement Award: Best Supporting Actress) 

Hamlet                                                                                                   (Gertrude)                                   Basement Theatre, Pasadena, CA
You Can't Take it With You                                                                  (Penny)                                       Glendale Center Theater, CA
Thank You, Papa                                                                                  (Mama's Sister)                         Glendale Center Theater, CA
There Goes the Bride                                                                         (Ursula)                                       Long Beach Community Theatre, CA
Bell, Book & Candle                                                                            (Queenie)                                   Sierra Madre Playhouse, CA
The Pajama Game                                                                              (Mabel)                                        Valley Music Theatre, Woodland Hills, CA
The Women                                                                                          (Edith)                                          Circle Theatre, Nashville, TN


Prizzi's Honor; Ike; Amazon; Kicks; The Day After                         ABC Circle Films
Deadly Friend                                                                                      Pan Arts/Warner Bros.
Tank                                                                                                       Lorimar
The Ambassador                                                                                Cannon Films

Southern (various regional); British: Public School, Londoner; Scots; Irish; French; German; Italian


Cosmo Morgan; Bliss/Hayden; Lila Krasner; Edith Jane Faulkner; John H. Ingle; B.J. Ward


Along with guiding Staged Readings of original plays, work as a director of theater has been in local theaters and theater ministries, including:

The Last Meeting of the Knights of the White Magnolia                                             Woodland Hills Community Theatre, Woodland Hills, CA
(AEA Guest Contract production; a DramaLogue Critic's Choice [Feld], winning awards for direction and three of the actors in the cast.) 

Bell, Book & Candle                                                                                                          St. Martin's Drama Guild; Winnetka, CA 
Mark Twain's Diary of Adam & Eve                                                                                  LDS Church; Simi Valley, CA
Bronte                                                                                                                                   Stage Door Theatre; Agoura, CA
Tricks of the Trade                                                                                                             Stage Door Theatre; Agoura, CA 
40 Carats                                                                                                                             Stage Door Theatre; Agoura, CA


Past President of the California Writers Club/San Fernando Valley Branch (CWC-SFV)
Participant in the initial program of the Lincoln Center Directors Lab West 
Greater Los Angeles Writers Society (GLAWS)
The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)
The Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights (ALAP)
The Dramatists Guild of America


Acting coach (rave referances upon request)
Recovering Quilter