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Nance Crawford

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The Tip of the Iceberg

I began acting professionally at age six, followed into the business world by my brothers, Bobby and Johnny ? the helpless victims and performers of my first attempts at playwriting, somewhere around age 11.

 The first produced play was ?Adventures in Rio,? presented by my sixth grade graduating class at Wilshire Crest Elementary School, Los Angeles. At sixteen, my adaptation of  ?The Land of Oz,? was spectacularly produced and directed by the late John Ingle (Edward Quartermain on GENERAL HOSPITAL until his death) at Hollywood High. As the annual holiday program, the production was the delight of the student body and, later, 1,500 young kids bused in from East L.A. There were a full page of generous comments and photos in the  Los Angeles Times and a half-page of the same in the then-extant Los Angeles Mirror. My Hollywood High senior year Creative Writing project, ?Jessica and the Devil,? a full-length musical with composer Russell Horton was produced four years later by the Falcon Theater in Hollywood.

 So, I got married (two kids), divorced, married again, (three more kids), was widowed ? married, married (and survived to marry again).

 Credit whatever sanity I retain to my tenacious, unfocused ability to write after coming home from office work and taking care of the household: country songs, poems, TV and film script samples, a novel ? everything lauded, nothing purchased; for some reason, agents interested in my work were about to retire or managed to drop dead before landing a deal.

 I kept plugging along, eventually joined a theater workshop, wrote plays that were presented and well-received as two-night ?workshop productions,? but were not to the taste of the Artistic Director, met my husband, actor David Stifel, was invited to direct local theater and fell into acting again.

 I am the quintessential Late Bloomer and my dearest wish is to thoughtfully move and entertain and, perhaps, eventually become recognized as the Grandma Moses of American theater and letters.

Meanwhile, for the 56th Anniversary of my 21st birthday, I have celebrated by creating, an online store where can be found an ever growing number of ways to vividly express oneself by exhibiting one's thoughts on one's chest - or coffee mug, or thermos, or cell phone covers and pillow cases - simple sayings that may get one a blank look, a  knowing chuckle, or a create a sudden impulse to escape, depending upon the loons in attendance. It is my intention to become a Tee Shirt Mogul. Any and all help to that end will be greatly appreciated.

 I don't believe in small dreams.

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